Section 8

What is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program?

In the entire nation, no housing assistance program for those with limited income sees a higher demand than the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) rental support initiative. However, a widespread lack of information regarding the application process poses challenges for renters seeking assistance. This is why millions of renters across the country turn to Affordable Housing Online to locate Section 8 application opportunities. There is no other online platform that keeps as up-to-date with the latest Section 8 HCV openings nationwide while also providing renters with the necessary application details. Embark on your journey towards rent relief by discovering which regions currently accept Section 8 waiting list applications, which are soon to open, and which have recently closed their waiting lists.

Section 8 Waiting List Openings By State

Aside from planned openings, numerous waiting lists are active nationwide indefinitely. Explore the availability of waiting list openings in each state below.
District Of Columbia


Are Section 8 Waiting Lists Open in the United States?

AHO strongly advises prioritizing applications for the impending closure of waiting lists, given that many housing choice voucher programs lack a predetermined schedule for reopening their lists.

However, it’s crucial to act promptly in applying to continuously open waiting lists as well, as closures may occur without ample warning.

In summary, there are presently 495 available waiting lists for immediate application and an additional 16 waiting lists expected to open soon.

What was the number of open HCV waiting lists across the United States within the past few years?

Over the past three years, there were 1,414 instances of HCV waiting lists being open for at least one day in the United States.

What level of difficulty might I encounter in obtaining a voucher if I am not presently residing within the jurisdiction served by the housing authority?

Renters have the option to apply to any open HCV waiting list nationwide. The program aims to facilitate mobility, enabling renters to relocate to areas with greater opportunities.

Certain housing authorities prioritize local residents when placing applicants on their waiting lists. While individuals residing outside the area can still join the waiting list, they may face prolonged wait times before receiving a voucher, if they receive one at all.

In the past three years, 31.8% of the opened waiting lists in the United States have implemented a preference for local residents.

Why are there Section 8 waiting lists?

Similar to many other low-income housing initiatives, individuals seeking a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher are placed on a waiting list due to the substantial demand for vouchers outweighing the available supply.

The waiting lists for Section 8 vouchers also tend to be lengthier compared to those of other housing programs, primarily because recipients have the flexibility to choose their preferred apartment or house. In contrast, most other rental housing programs mandate that households reside in predetermined apartments.

Is there an application fee for Section 8 waiting lists?

HUD regulations prohibit agencies from charging for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher application. Any instance of charging a fee for such an application indicates a violation of federal law or a fraudulent scheme. Refrain from paying for any application fees.